Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day '09

"Brethren, noble fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the divine attributes of our Father in Heaven. A father should be many things. He should magnify his priesthood and be an example of righteousness. In companionship with his wife, he should be the source of stability and strength for the whole family. He should be the protector and the provider and the champion of the members of his family. Much of his love for his children should flow from his example of love, concern, and fidelity for their mother. By his uncompromising example he should instill character into his children." President James E. Faust

I searched and searched to find a quote that seemed to sum up our dad. This one came closest, although it still doesn't say it all. No man on earth is perfect, but Carter does his best to be all these things and more. I congratulate myself regularly for choosing such a wonderful daddy for my children. Our children are blessed with a dad who gets goofy and plays with them, who makes work fun but who still teaches them to work, who encourages them to be their best selves, who sets an example of steadiness, patience, and diligence. No children ever worshiped their father more - they all come running when they hear his truck nearing home in the evening.

Carter chasing the children with a dead mouse. No childhood would be complete without memories like this.

Jayden lives for his special hunting time with Dad. He would trudge through every frozen marsh in Idaho just to be with him.

Such a sweet moment.

Did I mention we used to have seven children? (J.K.) I didn't say he has perfect judgment... like letting them play on the roof, or taking them bear hunting. But the kids sure think he's cool. And, actually, no one has died yet.

Carter, you are our favorite daddy in the whole, wide world. We love you! Happy Father's Day!


I just want to tack on a little note because I didn't want to make a new post for this quick comment. I'm sorry if the blog has been a bit dull lately since I have been busy and haven't kept it very current. We have so many things I need to catch up on...Makenna turned eight and was baptized! Brennan also had a birthday, and I have been in the habit of making a little slide show dedicated to each child at their birthday. They look forward to it now so I need to get on it. Also lots of hunting, sports, and family happenings. But I am also working on some changes I want to make to the blog. In addition to keeping a record of our events and highlights, I've been feeling like I want to create something more. Something that is more of an expression of me, my thoughts, and my family. Anyway, bear with me as I try to catch up and move along.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Makenna's second grade class did a Flat Stanley project this spring. Makenna made a cute little drawing of herself and she was excited to send it to her Uncle Michael and Aunt Camille. They are living in Dubai, in United Arab Emerates. Michael is an engineer, and he and Camille are having incredible adventures over there. They went above and beyond the call of duty and took some amazing pictures for Makenna's project. She was so excited about it I made the pictures into a neat little book for her, but I thought it would be fun to share a few of them here on the blog.

Dubai has built these man-made islands out into the Persian Gulf shaped like palm trees and loaded them with luxury hotels, businesses, and housing. This is the Atlantis Hotel on the Jumeria Palm.

A mosque in Satwa.

This is a real live ski slope, complete with ski lift and real snow, inside a shopping mall. How cool is that!!

This is the Dubai Marina, taken from Michael and Camille's building. How's that for a home neighborbood.

This is Burj Dubai - the world's tallest building! You can hardly see the top through the haze.

This part of the Dubai Mall is called the gold souk, chalk full of jewelry.

The Dubai Marina and Promenade, with the yacht club in the background.

And next we have grazing camels. Not something you see everyday...

Flat Makenna made friends with their gorgeous Kitty.
And finally, here is Flat Makenna catching her flight home.

Thank you again, Camille and Michael, for the awesome pictures. And let me know if I botched up any info on these shots.