Monday, March 29, 2010


I decided that since I'm so far behind in blogging the Andrews' world, rather than giving a way-after-the-fact travel log, I'd do something different. I'm going to give a little spotlight on each child and some of their accomplishments/ events in recent months. I'll probably be coming back and adding things to these posts as I think of other things. In no particular order...

Middle kids don't get to do stuff first very often, so Kyler, here's your turn first!

Kyler has had a busy year full of lots of important things. He is six years old. Here he is on his first day of Kindergarten.

Kyler is doing great in school. He has tons of friends and he's learning to read like a champ. He thinks he's the fastest runner in his class, although I haven't seen the proof. Kyler got his first pet, a hermit crab named Hermie. And he learned to tie his shoes the very first day I ever tried to teach him. Even double knots!

He loves his sports. He plays with enthusiasm, no matter what he's doing. He had a blast trying t-ball, and loves soccer. He received the award for "most energy" from both coaches. Kyler, I know if you approach everything in life with that great attitude, you will always do well!

Kyler lost his first tooth recently! He wanted to hold up this magnifying glass to make sure you could see the hole - proof that he is a big kid!

Kyler wants to be a cowboy when he grows up. His favorite food is hamburgers. His favorite thing to do is "go exploring." I asked him where he likes to explore. He said, "The forest, or just anywhere."

He has a permanent smile on his little face. He's just a happy, easy-going guy and fun to have around. The family comedian (along with his dad.) He's the one we put in the middle of the back seat to buffer the conflicts on long trips. And his best talent is that sweet little grin that melts his mom's heart.

He is a Mini-Me version of Carter at that age, and inherited Carter's fun personality, too. Adorable through and through! Kyler, we love you!

My Handy Hubby

I am so excited! I have been looking forward to the day my storage room is organized with shelves. Carter decided he'd tackle that project in late winter, before the season changes. (You steelhead season, turkey season, bear season, etc. ) He did a great job and I love the shelves! But now I can see how truly pathetic my food storage supply is. I'd better get working on it.

Thank you, Carter!!! You're awesome!

Nice work, don't you think?