Monday, June 6, 2011

You're Gonna Miss This

Where is my other shoe????

This is one of those adorable little rituals which will be forgotten as the children grow, if I don't record the memory. This whole school year Carter has had trouble making it out the door on time because of this cute little game between him and Shaylie. Every morning she sneaks into his closet and finds where Daddy left his work shoes, then hides one or both of them. You'd be amazed how creative a five-year-old can be! Sometimes he finds one in the dryer, behind the computer, under a sink, in a flower pot... A time or two she hid them so well Carter never did find them and had to wear other shoes to work. On this particular day it was an easy find in the cat house.

Great Little Brains

Our school's PTA sponsors a Great Brain Project every year. The kids get to do either a research or a science project and then share it with their class and then the parents. They work very hard on these (well, we all do actually) so they like me to take pictures to remember them by.

Shaylie's report was on "Outer Space." She learned the name and order of all the planets and some other big words like constellation, galaxy, and solar system. In her presentation she explained how earth's rotation around the sun gives us day and night and seasons. She learned a bunch as she did this and she was so excited to share it.

Makenna continued her theme of studying our family's pets. Last year she researched cockatoo parrots. This time her theme was Abyssinian cats; her beloved Ginny. She learned that Abyssinians are considered descendents of the ancient Egyptian cats, which they worshiped and painted on walls of tombs, etc. She really enjoyed studying the mythical legends surrounding Eghptian cats. It was also interesting to learn how many of the traits that we thought were 'just Ginny' are actually typical of her breed. Who knew?

The kids don't get any extra credit for these projects, just a "Great Brain" badge and the fun of sharing what they learned. And some late-night one-on-one time with Mom the night before it's due. hee,hee. But I was proud of them - they did great!

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland...

The weekend of McCall's Winter Carnival our family took a fun little day trip. We walked around McCall and enjoyed the amazing talent of so many snow sculptors. Then we headed to Cascade Lake for a little ice fishing. It was a gorgeous sunny winter day and we had a terrific time.

I love the bear peeking into the outhouse. We couldn't resist posing Kyler for this hillarious shot...

You know what they say... you have to kiss a few of these before you find your prince. Luckily I already found a keeper!

I realized I didn't even take any pictures of ice fishing. Carter and a couple of the kids did have poles in holes, but there was a lot more shooting, playing, and goofing going on. They would have paid better attention if the fish were biting, but it was an off day for fish I guess. Lots of fun playing on the ice, though.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chinese New Year

I always meant to be one of those moms who plans cute little projects to do with my kids. And I do try, but it doesn't happen as often as I would like. But this year I found some time to play around with my two youngest on the afternoon of Chinese New Year. Carter and I both having served Asian missions, this holiday has a some special meaning. (Actually, it has meaning on two levels, because our first date also coincidentally happened on Chinese New Year and we went to eat Chinese food. The restaurant gave our whole group free drinks, and I pretended not to know how to use chopsticks because Carter was so cute trying to teach me.)

The kids and I made a nifty Chinese dragon and some lanterns. We hung them up over the table and we ate dinner with chopsticks that night.

Go Team!!

Shaylie was thrilled when I announced that I had signed her up for Columbia High School's mini cheer camp! Seriously, I think she may have hyperventelated a little.

She got to go to the high school and practice with the REAL cheerleaders three afternoons one week. They taught them several chants, some cute tumbling, and a dance routine. Then Friday night she wore her "cheerleading" t-shirt to the Columbia varsity basketball game and helped cheer! With all the mini cheerleaders she performed the half-time entertainment. It was the cutest thing you ever saw, and she couldn't wipe the smile off her little face.

Here they are dancing to "Wild Thing."

Our team is what? Dynamite!
Our team is what? Dynamite!
Our team is tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM! Dynamite!

Shaylie is here on the left, holding up the bottom of the pyramid.