Sunday, May 1, 2011

Christmas, 2010

I am creating a slideshow for our Christmas holiday. It was filled with wonderful family memories, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

Kyler also had his 7th birthday while we were with all the family at the cabin. So he enjoyed a really big birthday party. As you can see, he came up with his own creative approach to blowing out the candles...

Happy seventh birthday, Kyler, we love you!!

November 2010

As my avid blog-followers (hee,hee) may have noticed, I've had some technological difficulties getting new material onto the blog for the last...oh, five months. But I've figured out a new way to get my pictures off the silly camera and should be back in business. I don't know if anyone has missed our posts, but I've missed posting. And while I am positive that no one on the planet still cares to hear about the Andrews' holiday season, I'm posting it anyway for the sake of the memory book I plan to create from our blog. So please bear with me while I scramble to bring this back up to speed.

I think it is so adorable each Thanksgiving when my kindergarteners work so hard and make cute little Pilgrim and Indian costumes, then have a big Thanksgiving Feast at school. I helped out in Shaylie's classroom that day and I got to head up the making of babyfood-jar-butter. So fun! I wished I'd had my camera at school for the feast.

We enjoyed our family's "Thanksgiving feast" up at the Andrews' cabin. They are incredibly generous and sweet to allow us to use it. Mom and Bob joined us. Mom and I paused to admire all our hard work before it was gobbled up by a pack of hungry turkeys.

One main memory I have of this Thanksgiving is the intimate candle-lit eating atmosphere, as we were having some electrical problems.

Neil and Sara Adams joined us later with their cute girls, and we had some good fun playing out in the snow while the men were off hunting. They managed to come back with some good stories, too, something about bullet-proof elk that fake dead and then streak off into the sunset.

Grandma gave Makenna her very first knitting lessons. She thought it was a lot of fun, and Grandma said she really has a knack for it.

And finally, my dear Jayden Boy turned 13 during the Thanksgiving weekend. Here he is being mobbed by his adoring brothers and sisters and showing off his new gift. Jayden, we love you!!