Friday, July 6, 2012

Andrews Family Reunion 2011

We had an awesome time up in McCall for the Andrews family reunion, as well as lots of cousin play-time back at home and at Roaring Springs.  I took about a half a million pictures, so I'll try to resist the urge to post all half million.  We are so blessed with incredible extended family on both sides.  I absolutely love seeing my children grow up with close friendships with all their cousins.  What a great big, awesome family!

We had a girl sleep-over at our house, with all kinds of girly silliness...

Jordan and Sierra taught us all how to make friendship bracelets.  Here are a bunch of the girls sitting around working on them.  

Another great "Ripsnorter" with Grandma.

We went exploring and drove for a looooong way on a tip from a local guy about a good fishing spot.  But the drive was pretty, if dusty, and the kids loved getting to take rides in Uncle Justin's boat.  

Jared caught a water snake! (Don't show Grandma!)

All the grown-ups were lounging in the shade for a time, watching the kids play in the lake.  Right after this we played a rousing game of kickball.

Kyler was thrilled to get a turn riding Uncle Greg's kayak.  The best part for him was when 
Greg taught him how to break free and then flipped him!

Little boy construction site.  I wonder how many of these little guys will grow up to build real things??

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