Saturday, July 7, 2012

Shaylie is Six!

Shaylie was so excited to have a real "friend party."  She put a lot of thought into what outfit to wear for her party.  Predictably she chose the one with the pink, glittery scarf.  She wanted my birthday cake specialty, a "piled up cupcake cake with Skittles."  The kids each mixed a different color frosting and applied the Skittles.

I realized too late that I was out of candles!  So we made due and quickly stuck in some pink flamingo stir sticks, which Shaylie was kind enough to pretend to blow out.

Grandma helped the girls mix glitter into their playdough.  They also wore some homemade face glitter to fancy themselves up a bit.  

She loved the new pillowpet!

The girls dressed up and then had a dance party.  They liked playing the Freezedance game, where they had to freeze whenever I stopped the music.  Here they are dancing to Pokerface.  Can you tell it's Shaylie's favorite song EVER?

What a good girl to pitch in and help clean up afterwards.
Happy Birthday, Shaylie!

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